Unique Fusion Menu

Authentic European+American with Desi Indian
items a menu designed for the entire family.

Not Just Good, The Best!

Taste better or on par with the best dine in options available.

Evolving & Localized Menu

A menu which is constantly evolving while
getting custom designed as per the locality

Variable Franchise Model, Monthly Royalty

Heard it right? Hear it again, we are flexible if you are the right one!


Fill out the form and Connect with our sales team and express your interest

Sign the agreement and make your payments to own the brand.

Search for your ideal location while Let us inspect & approve the getting consulted by us.

Let us inspect & approve the getting consulted by us. location and then set your outlet.

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Why invest in us?

We are the only restaurant in the country- which serves continental-European food complemented with items with 100% Indian touch, which means that you can feel fulfilled if you wish to eat an Indian Meal because of the spices & sauces while having authentic European-American. While our food is high on quality, higher on cheese and highest on taste, we an extraordinarily economic pricing. The concept is unique and revolutionary-being brought to India by us for the first time and has the potential to change the way Indians taste continental-Italian.